Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Enough?

Over a month ago, I started this blog with the intent to push myself.

To write daily.

To find my “voice.” 

Because for the last several years, I have been working on some short stories, life essays, a book. 

Sound familiar? 

I have lots of story inventory, some finished.  A few have been submitted, and naturally, rejected.  But many stories unfinished, unpolished, slumbering in the dark recesses of my MacBook, waiting to be brought back to life. 

I have read some remarkable writings on some remarkable blogs that are full of creative content that I can only hope someday to attain in my own writings.

As I continue to develop my own voice, I am unsure yet what it is I am wanting to call out to the world.

I proceed tenuously ...


afraid that I might not be good enough

or funny enough

or insightful enough

or even ...


But always,
missing the mom gene