Thursday, January 12, 2017

She Returns!

Hello my friends.

I have been absent from here a bit
A long bit
I could list many reasons for my absence

Creative juices interrupted
By doggie walks
with free licks
                 and barks and play

Maine summers
with harbor sunsets
Lobster bakes
                 and sunset sails

Philadelphia winters
                 and Sarasota sunshine
Knee replacement
                with grueling rehab

Family weddings
and visits
               and a new grandson
to spoil

Travels .....
to grandchildren baseball games
              and Graduations

To the canals of Venice
and hikes in the Alps,
              to the Rolling hills of Iowa

And yes.
There were naps
And laughter and tears
and joy and wine
              and more wine

Just living life

One day at a time!

P.S.  I hope to share here a lot more often!  My goodness, it had been so long I had forgotten how to post photos here!  Ugh!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Wars


a drizzle from the previous evening
has formed an ice crusted 
the pups walk gingerly with each step
as an occasional 
foot breaks through
the brittle surface

it does not make
for fast yard play

my dogs are stick eaters
they hunt and search
for any piece of twig
breaking the white

I have no idea
what twigs taste like
perhaps I should try one
they apparently are delicious
delicious enough to fight over

wars have been started
over lesser reasons

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Gift from Key West

Today I am sitting in Key West.  There is a warm gentle breeze that rocks the palm's fronds back and forth as if to say hello.  The lush landscape is splashed with red begonias and other flowers which I do not recognize.  Such a contrast from the world up north which is blasted with bitter cold and in some areas, knee deep in freshly fallen snow.

I am quite happy to be here.  And not there. 

There is not much on my agenda for these few days while here. The Professor has some meetings to attend.  We have been to Key West numerous times, so there is not much we haven't discovered.  The famous Duval street is a-flush with tourists and we loathe to spend any time there.  Instead, we enjoy leisurely strolling around on our bikes on unhurried back streets, seeking out interesting photo ops, sitting on our porch reading, or napping poolside.  Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

It's been a while since I've done a post. Sometimes a break from routine is quite nice and required to assess where one has been and where one is going. 

I've been blogging for 4 years now. Not very long in the world of bloggers, but for me, seems quite long.  I have enjoyed meeting and learning from many of you along the way.  It is such an enriching and supporting environment!  And I thank you. 

For this post today, I'm testing out the Blogger app on my iPad versus using my Macbook.  All photos are from my iPhone 6+ with edits from the Aviary app.  The app seems to function quite easily (so far), so perhaps I'll be encouraged to post more frequently.  From anywhere, anytime!

But for now, sitting here with The Professor on this porch, listening to the nearby waterfall with a light breeze tickling my cheeks is just perfect.  I inhale the moment.  I acknowledge the gift. 

Until the next time, my friends, 
Have a safe and wonderful upcoming Thanksgiving. 


Monday, August 18, 2014

August, please slow up!

There's a feel of fall in the air with the morning temps in the low 50's.  The wet dew and crisp breeze greet me and the pups as they scurry out for their first pee break of the day.  Brrrrrr.....

Oh, I am so not ready for summer to end.

We had a remarkable double rainbow arch itself across our harbor the other day.  
There was a light sprinkle happening as the sun burst through the clouds.

It was just stunning!

I've been trying to take my camera out a bit more 
to capture all the beauty that
presents itself daily.

I could forever just photograph boats and dinghies.
Each one has its own character and flaws.
Like the one below. 

The oars remind me of the stockings
on the Wicked Witch of the West 
in the Wizard of Oz.

There are dinghies 
that are so well cared for .....

and others that look lost and homeless.

I find each boat full of charisma and character.
It's endless.

I could photograph them all day long!

Oh, August.  Please slow down.
I'm not ready for fall's arrival!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Maine ... island time

 I'm sitting on our deck overlooking the harbor.  It's a beautiful August morning.  The pups peacefully watch as lobster boats come and go and the finches feed below.  A quiet moment.  It has been a busy summer up here in Maine.  We've had a number of visitors, a good number of puppy training classes, and lots and lots of doggy walks.  All of which I hope to share at some point.  But today, I thought I'd share our recent boat trip to Swan Island.  Our first of exploring the further islands of Penobscot Bay. The boat trip was put together by Rockport Yacht Club and about 8 boats from the club made the journey for the several day event.   We followed our friends who charted an excellent course for us.

Of course, we had to board the pups.  It would be their first experience with boarding and it was hard to leave my babies behind.  That's Harry above, giving me the stink eye.

It is amazing how much work it is to load a boat up for a journey.  Blankets and more blankets for chilly Maine evenings.  Food and more food in case you get fogged in.  Fleece and rain gear and sweaters for layering.  And of course chargers.  One must not run out of power for the iPad and iPhones!  We'd be lost without our Garmin BlueCharts.

It was a beautiful day to journey over to Swans Island.  We arrived in Burnt Coat Harbor mid-afternoon.  About a three and a half hour journey from Rockport.

 On the opening day of the Sweet Chariot Music Festival, 
the performers motored around the cove 
and serenaded all of us in the harbor.  

 It was delightful!

That evening we walked about a mile to the community center, 
passing a couple of lemonade/cookie stands with kids raising money for the local lighthouse care.  
The event has been held annually for the past 20 some years 
with many looking forward to it with great anticipation.
I sat next to a woman who has been coming all the way from Ohio
for the past 7 years!

Truly fascinating was the artist who was painting the backdrop scenery.  
It is done every year with an artist working each evening on the art piece, 
finishing it the last night to be auctioned off.

I have been to a lot of musical events but I don't believe I have ever been to one 
where the performers put so much heart and fun into their art.
We must do this again!

Come the third morning when we were to depart, 
we were greeted with rain and heavy fog.  
But by 8:30 a.m. it had lifted enough for a safe return.
And for some interesting photos.

We made a stop in the quaint little town of North Haven.  
Definitely a place to go back for more photos! 

So many cute houses and lawns 
and front porches!

By the time we were nearing Rockport again, 
the fog and clouds had totally cleared,
allowing me to capture this beautiful schooner.

I'm hoping not to be so neglectful of my blog going forward.
Harry and Lucy have been such a handful
and my camera has sat in its bag so much this summer.
Time to change that!

Hope your summer has been going well!
Later, my friends,