Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lupines in bloom

Can there be any more of a beautiful place than Maine in the summer?  Especially in June when the lupines are in full bloom and the morning air is crisp with earthy smells of a beginning day.

I have really never been a morning person, but now with puppies, that has changed.
I guess that is good.

I always wanted to rise with the sun, but the warmth and comfort of a soft bed always won out.

Nowadays, the sounds of whining pups that will soon turn into ear-shattering barks should I not move fast enough, rule my world.

But I have adapted.  
Especially here in Maine 
when we have these gorgeous views to take in.

Lucy and Harry enjoy their morning and evening walks.  
They especially like it when we arrive at the beach.
As you can see below, Lucy goes rather spastic
running in the sand.
Harry, on the other hand, is too busy looking for 
some morsels in the seaweed.

But we wrap up our walk taking in the harbor 
and lingering in the morning dew.

 Now if I can just get them to chill out after their walks
so I can enjoy my morning coffee on the patio,
life would be almost perfect.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Little bit of Florida sunshine

June is now upon us and I have no idea what happened to May!  Oh, that's right.  I became the mama of two puppies!  I am surrounded by chaos.

Not so long ago, there was much order in my life.  Like in April.  Like when we took time to visit our home in Anna Maria.  Actually, that week ended up not being so relaxing.  There were a number of repairs and yard work to get done.  I didn't take as many photos as I often do but did have a chance here and there while biking around.

Nowadays, just being able to sit and do nothing would be the most rewarding treat ever!  
(I now speak in dog language.)

I never tire of trying to capture some of my favorite birds.
The Great Blue Heron.

And my most favorite, those pelicans.
I can watch them endlessly dive and cruise above the waters.

I think they are magnificent.

But always, the best time is the evenings.

As the day begins to disappear into night.

It reminds me how extraordinary the universe is 
in all of its grandeur.

And I am thankful.
(And I will be more thankful once my puppies are house broken!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, I had a blog.
Once upon a time, I slept until 7:30 a.m.
Once upon a time, I traveled to far away places.
Once upon a time, I could go to dinner at any hour.
Once upon a time, I made my bed every morning.
Once upon a time, my house was orderly and smelled good.
Once upon a time, I took dozens and dozens of backyard photos of visiting critters.

Yep, once upon a time ... before these two:



These little rascals consume my time!

Anyway, I just poked my head in here to do a quick post to let you know I'm still alive.


Additionally, I had some images of a few of my backyard visitors that I captured before Lucy and Harry's arrival.  All these critters are still coming around ... but my camera is gathering dust!

 Hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoy watching them.
Nowadays, I spend my time watching Lucy and Harry.

As time goes on, I hope to get some better photos of them. 
Right now, they barely hold still for anything, let alone a camera.
So thanks for dropping by.
Someday, I may actually be able to have time to drop by your place again!

Happy days,

Friday, May 16, 2014

So long, sweet freedom

As you know, The Professor and I have been quite the traveling duo.  But I think those travels have come to an end.

At least for a while.

Reason No. 1
A Fox Terrier-Blue Heeler (Australian Sheep Dog)

Reason No. 2
A Dorky (Dachshund-Yorky) But we don't use the word Dorky.  
Don't want to hurt his feelings.

OMG!  What were we thinking!  Two puppies at once!  I suppose it was my genius idea to have a second one to keep the first one company.  Once we saw their little faces, we couldn't walk away.  That was this past Saturday when my house was clean, orderly, and quiet.  And  I was as free as a bird with my time.

But my wings have been clipped.
Now, my house is dirty, chaotic ...  puppy toys scattered and gates galore.
And I am a servant to their needs!

I have never raised a puppy.  Always been a kitty person.  But since Kitty Kramer's passing last year about this time and The Professor's Beagle, Travis McGee, the year before, we felt a loss with no pet in the home.  But then again, we weren't home all that much!

Oh my, how our lives have suddenly changed.

It's like having babies all over again.  My days are now filled with a pee/poop/, treat, walk, play, nap.  All to be repeated .... starting at 6:00 a.m. and finally ending at midnight.

I'm a sleepy-eyed, puppy smelling, mush for brains dog mommy of twins.
Learning how to be a pack leader.

I hope I succeed.

Cause it will be so worth it in a year or so.

~ ~ ~

P.S.  Still trying out names to match their robust personalities. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

And there went April ....

Here we are, well into May and it has been almost a month since my last post.  Bad me.  Each day I had good intentions of posting, god knows I have enough photos!  But actually ...  it was kind of nice taking the break.  I think the thing I have come to like most about blogging is that it's like having a journal of thoughts tracked and stored among the daily ordinariness of life.  As well as hearing from all of you and your adventures.

But let's move on, and let me catch you up on April's events.

You'll recall, we trekked out to Napa Valley in early April.  Here's a couple of images of the Golden Gate Bridge as we headed back to the airport.

When we returned to Philly, Spring had finally begun to make an appearance, 
along with some stormy days.

We journeyed down to Fredericksburg for a weekend to visit our brother-in-law for a few days and his sweet pack of dogs.  We always have a good time hitting the flea markets and sharing lots of wine and laughter in the evenings.  He has carved out a walking path around his pond which is where I captured the below image.  And it must have been there that I inherited the tick I discovered on my waist the following day.  Ewww!  Fortunately, he had not fully attached himself.

Back to Philly, and spring continued to blossom 
with more and more of my birdie friends returning, 
and I caught up with an old friend who visited for a couple of days.

I continued to monitor a major bath renovation in our Rockport home that was started in February.
I had great hopes of its completion by the end of April.  
But as with all renovations, things never seem to run on schedule.  

April was also a time to catch up on some medical appointments.  A Synvisc injection for my cranky arthritic left knee in attempts to hold off replacement.  
And of course, the boob squishing mammogram 
with the continuous good news all is a.o.k.

Another friend from Seattle joined us for a few days to attend The Professor's 
Corporate Governance conference in Philly.
Our friend's daughter had heard of the Mutter Museum and wanted him to check it out.  
So one afternoon, we spent viewing medical oddities and body parts.
Definitely disturbing.

I made a trip down to Anna Maria to check up on our vacation properties 
and deal with some maintenance issues.  
Not much time for any R & R like these folks below, 
but I did get a few bike rides in and a couple of sunsets.

It's a pretty time of the year down there with the terns, skimmers and plovers 
mating and nesting ...  
along with the turtles beginning to return to lay their eggs.

And there you have it.
A full month of family, friends, travels, renovations and a 
Vesper martinis in the mix
to ease my achy ole soul.

Looking forward to things slowing down a bit this month.
Taking more photos and getting back into the groove of blogging
and catching up with all of you.