Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wintering in Sunshine

In the past, I would have been sharing winter scenes this time of year.  But not any more. Aside from a ski trip or two out west with The Professor, I will happily be spending my winters in glorious Florida sunshine. 

The cool thing about living part of the year in here is that there is a local photo club which I have joined.  It is a very active group of several hundred individuals. Some with little experience and others who earn a living at their craft. They host monthly meetings, focus group outings, feedback sessions, and too many other activities to mention.  Needless to say, I am in hog heaven.  Sunshine, beaches, amazing critters and all to be enjoyed through my camera!  (Which has been greatly neglected over the past year.)

In January, the photo club had a fun excursion in Ybor City, a historic neighborhood of Tampa. Although I had been there before, it was fun to see it through my lens.

“ Ybor City was founded as an independent town in 1885 by a group of cigar manufacturers led by Vicente Martinez and was annexed by Tampa in 1887. The original population was mostly composed of Cuban and Spanish immigrants who worked in cigar factories.' 

Ybor City was unique in the fact that it was entirely populated and owned by immigrants. Nowadays, its a mixture of an entertainment and night club district amidst offices and residences.  

A cool place to photograph with its Spanish, Cuban and Italian architecture. The lady below, as you can see, was none so please as I quickly snapped a shot.

We had lunch at the Columbia Restaurant, which is the oldest restaurant in Florida, owned and operated by five generations since 1905.  It was delightful as well as meeting new folks and talking camera talk at lunch.

This past month, we enjoyed the Herrmann's Royal Lipizzan Stallions.  I'll share next time.  Until then, my friends!


Country Girl said...

Ok. Now I want to move to Florida. This looks like so much fun, Reena. I would love this!!

Tabor said...

I really should be brave and join a photography club. I have been to that area of Florida but was not there log enough to get was dark. Maybe another time.

Rose L said...

Looks so colorful there! Definitely better than ice and snow!

Barbara said...

I've never heard of it, but it sounds - and looks - awesome! So colorful! I joined a photography group like that in Austin, but only made it to one outing so far this year. I'm glad you found one and are taking advantage of it!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

love that first shot

brrrrr (said the Floridian)

Bob Bushell said...

The first one is my favourite Reena.

Daryl said...

Live By Night is not a very good movie but its set in Ybor City (mostly) .. so these photos are even more fun for me having seen some of these places in the film

Pat Tillett said...

I've never heard of this place! It looks like a great place to spend some time. Love your photos!

Sandi said...

Love that door!

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