Friday, March 30, 2012

Friends and foes ...

With the nice weather we've had this past week, things are greening up.  
In a late afternoon shot from my driveway, the trees are beginning to parade 
their developing leaves.

And in my backyard, more and more visitors are arriving to the point 
where I am having to fill my sunflower seed feeder every 2 days.  
The goldfinches are arriving in packs.  I wonder where they go in the winter?  
Probably south like I SHOULD!

I have a few new visitors like this female Red-bellied Woodpecker.  
The male always comes around but this year, the female has been dropping in.  
She's funny in the sense she doesn't feed from the feeder but always 
from the patio stone wall where I place some daily seed.

Then there is Ms. Cowbird.  Doesn't she look evil??  
I'm not a big fan of the cowbirds since I discovered last summer they leave their eggs in other bird's nest to raise.  I had exactly that situation with a little tree sparrow that was feeding a youngin' that was twice his size.  

You might remember that post last July .. Even Birds Do It. 
It was you folks who alerted me that it was a baby cowbird, not a sparrow.

Of course, the squirrels didn't go anywhere throughout the winter.  
But they are getting more aggressive at the feeders, with no success, I may say!  
When I go for walks, I pick up these walnuts and serve them up as treats. 

 There are a few uninvited guests 
that have been making the rounds lately.

Like the cat from the horse barn next door who scouts out my place now and then.  
Actually in this photo she is scouting out the chipmunk's place.

And of course, that just doesn't sit very well with Carmen Chipmunk, 
my one and only chipmunk!

I think she is pleading here to me,
"Oh, House Lady, please make that cat stay away!"

I'll do my best Carmen, I'll do my best, but you must
stay aware and alert!

: : : 

And to all of you, my friends,
have an aware and alert weekend!
Make it a great one!  But stay safe!