Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mail, trash and a hawk ...

We are still hanging around up here in Maine and can you believe that I haven't taken a single photo for two days!  I'm surrounded by such beautiful landscape and not a moment to pull the camera out.  Bummer!

Much of our day today was spent figuring out how to get our mail, newspapers and how to dispose of our trash and recyclables.  We went to two post offices and finally one of them called us to tell us where our mailbox was located (a block away) and that newspapers are delivered to the mailbox, not to our front door. 

Ummmm, guess we won't have our paper to enjoy during morning breakfast.  And as far as all the trash and recyclables, well, they must be broken down and divided into a number of different types of recyclables and taken to the waste management/recycling center.  All so very different from city living!

But I have no complaints.  I feel these little inconveniences are a small price to pay to live in these surroundings.  Everyone we have met has been so friendly and helpful. 

By the way, I think I may have confused a few of you with the idea that we have totally moved to Maine.  Not true.  We still reside in Philadelphia but hope to spend time up in Maine in the summers and occasionally throughout the year. 

And now, since I have nothing in my camera, I pulled some images from last week just before we left Philly.  I was sitting in my office when I looked up and saw this magnificent creature!

He was sitting right above my feeders.  All the little birds had escaped. 
But he kept looking around.  Lunch, I suppose.

He eventually flew over to a patio chair and it was at that point I noticed a mourning dove sat frozen not but 8 feet away.  He was sure to become lunch for the hawk but I quickly ran out and both birds flew away.  Doves sure are sweet but man o man, not very bright!

I hope to get out tomorrow and take some photos. 
The weather has been great!

Later friends,

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