Saturday, January 1, 2011

So Unassuming

Hello 1-1-11.

I can’t help but notice your four undemanding, vertical pen strokes for the 1st day of a new year.

Such a striking collecting of all those 1’s.


One does not need to lift the pen from paper to draw your effortless, unassuming number.  Other numbers require more attention.  Like the number 4 who needs the line attached to the triangle portion or the number 8 with its curvaceous line ending where it began.

None of those distractions with you, 1-1-11.

No curves, no bends, just a straight line to record the day’s date.

Simple, unassuming 1-1-11. 

Quietly marking your day with no need to shout out “Look at Me!” with curves, circles and triangles.  “Oh my!”

Confidently secure, holding your place, responsibly marching ahead of all the numbers that follow you

because you will


be the leader.

Powerful number 1.  I love you. You are the start of all, the beginning of everything. 

1st birthday
1st kiss
1st love
1st car
1st child
1st job

And today, the 1st day of a new year.

Hello 1-1-11.  I welcome you in.

Yours truly,
missing the mom gene