Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Whimsy

Hope you join in every Wednesday for my Wednesday Whimsy  ...  a collage of thoughts, expressions and wanderings that's on this ole' girl's mind.

Today, I dug out an old poem I wrote to The Professor early in our courtship 12 years ago TODAY as we cautiously yet eagerly began to fall in love.

  I Dream of You

In the darkness of the night
                              I dream of you
And you comfort me.

I turn to you


                             But what .....

Do I know?

Do I recognize you?

Will you be there when I wake
                    To the fate of our day
                            To the desire of our past

Do not turn away
                  I will catch
                           Your breath
upon mine
                 and I will know you.

--missing the mom gene


Julie Musil said...

Wow, that was awesome! No wonder you snagged the guy.

missing the mom gene said...

Thanks Julie. It's fun looking back and digging up old memories!