Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just to Be Clear

The Professor and I are in the mountains of Utah.  Blending a little business with a little pleasure of skiing.  Perhaps more pleasure for The Professor than myself.  Beaches, as you know,  are more my cup of flavor.

Disclosure: If you are staking out our home thinking it is empty, you'll be disappointed.  We have an attack cat and a college graduate with wasp spray beside the bed should you be thinking of robbing us blind.  Also, you will be greatly disappointed in your take.  Total waste of time.

We will be in the mountains for several days.  They are beautiful from a distance.  Close up ... well, that’s another story.

I do not ski down mountains like these

Nor slopes like this

And really avoid drops offs like these these

And definitely wear one of these in case I DO fall off a cliff

So just to be clear, my types of slopes tend to be more like this

Or even this

Get my *drift*

Yes, oh yes, I am much more a beach girl than a ski bunny!

Thanks for stopping by,
missing the mom gene