Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie lives with my sister-and-brother-in-law along with four other rescue canines.  I have grown an attachment to this girl to the point of going James Bond and stealing her away.   She has the most incredible velvety coat and alert eyes, yet cat-like in her indifference towards you.  Kind of the 'take ya or leave ya' attitude.  Guess that explains my attraction.

I think she was a cat in a previous life.

Yours truly,
missing the mom gene


M. Eric Carr said...

She's not indifferent to people at all -- she's very loving. That just gets overridden every five or six seconds when her brain's internal "NEED TO PLAY TOYS NOW!!!" timer goes off.

Reena said...

Eric, so true and funny. She is quite loving and yes, Toy focused! I love how she goes to her box of toys and finds just the right one she wants to bring to play. Of her four four-legged companions, however, she is the most independent and never needs a lift up on the sofa. *snort*