Sunday, March 13, 2011

Never ever be forgotten

on this Sunday spring day
my thoughts are with Japan

loved ones lost, wandering, confused
unknowing of what the next minute, hour or day
will bring if anything
maybe relief, maybe not
everything lost

a dog wanders amidst
the rubble of
unattended, unnoticed
and hungry

a child’s cries go unanswered
among the moans
of elders who look
out across a
bleak landscape of destruction
unsure of tomorrow
also hungry

hungry for the world
that was yesterday
yearning to turn time back
a correction
of an unfair event
shattering hearts

and yet
from the mist of ruins
a nation will rise
and march forward

but forever
hungering for loved ones lost
who will
never ever be forgotten

never ever

for it is love that nourishes
our souls
and keeps our
hearts beating

for another day

missing the mom gene