Monday, April 11, 2011


The weekends tend to be quiet around here.  Ours to do with as we please.  Sleep late, take naps, read, stay up late.  But this weekend, we had a lot of visitors.  The kind with feathers.  Spring comin' and all.  Guess everyone felt a need to get out and spread their wings!

In our backyard.  

Not that we minded.

But it did get a bit noisy with all their partying.  Testosterone seemed to be the culprit of all the commotion.  Lots of wing flappin' and cursin' amongst the finches.

 I hung up a new feeder and before long there were about a dozen or so finches
fluttering and flittering and making a racket.  
Of course, with so many boys in the neighborhood, some squabbles took place.

 Along with some scoldings.

 Opinions seemed to differ as to whether others had been invited.

And tempers flared.

This little guy played it safe staying amongst the redbuds.  (You will notice my redbuds have not made their appearance yet.  So can't wait!)

And then there was Ethyl.

Ethyl, who shares the barn with the neighbor's horses, stopped by for an afternoon nap.  
She usually makes daily rounds but never lingers.
This was the first time.
Sunday naps are so delicious.

 Except when bickering birds are beckoning.

Reminding her it might be time for an nice afternoon snack.  
But I am glad to report, all the birds vacated the area 
as Ethyl stalked her way to the feeders.  
*This is were you hear a sigh of relief by me*

But the best news over the weekend was that my new bird feeder arrived. 
Squirrel Buster !!!!
I know.  I know.  
You're sitting there nodding knowingly, "oh, poor girl, she just threw her money away." 
But so far?
It's working!  Those rascal squirrels spent the first day puzzling over it and since then, 
they have left it alone.  The cool thing about it is that the weight of the squirrel 
forces the outside cage down and blocks the feeder holes.
Only time will tell if it will keep them out.
I'll keep you updated. 

All and all, not a bad weekend.  

This kind of company can drop by anytime.


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