Tuesday, June 7, 2011

By the time I get to Porto ....

By the time I get to Porto, you'll be rising ...  
You'll find this little post left in your inbox
You'll laugh when you read the part that I'm finally leavin'
Cause I've been talk talk talkin' 'bout it for so long ...
(sorry Glen ... poor substitute for your fine words)

Right now, I'm doing the last minute scramble of making sure all is done before leaving.  Plants watered, bills paid, laundry done, checks written to whomever, electronics charged, instructions for daughter who is house sitting, kitty box cleaned ...

Phew!  I'm already exhausted and haven't even left yet.

When I was looking for a photo for this post, I came across these guys.  Although it's not the best photo, I liked the action it showed.  

Then I couldn't decide which I liked better. 

Photo #1?

Or Photo #2 

I think I'm leaning to #2.

What do you think?

Ok, now I'm off flying like these birds.  

See ya in Porto!

: : :