Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He just won't leave .....

Well, we finally got some rain in the early evening yesterday.  Not just a little, but a good steady rain that quenched the earth's thirst.  It seems it had been weeks since we had a rain like that.  Too bad some could not have fallen on our friends in Texas and Oklahoma.  They need it worse.

My backyard bird population seems to have quadrupled with tweety bird teenagers still hanging around home expecting a free hand out from mom and pop.

This little finch caught my ear with all the ruckus he was making.  He was so loud following his mother all around.  They landed here where she finally fed him.

By the way, notice the flower reflections in the bowl.  I hadn't until now.  Pretty neat!

But that didn't shut him up.  I personally think she's trying to ditch him.  I certainly would if my kid was squawking at me like that!

Thanks to all of you who have been stopping by.  I love reading your comments and hearing what you have to say.   I may be a bit slow visiting all of you this week as I have 3 grandkids from Cincinnati coming to spend a few days.

Grandchildren can be so wonderful and at the same time, exhausting!  At least if they start squawking like this unruly teen, I can just turn them back over to their parents! 

Oh, the joys of grandparenthood.  Sweet justice prevails!

Until tomorrow friends,

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