Friday, July 22, 2011

Rocky and the hawk

It was hot today.

Very hot.

And when you have 3 grandchildren visiting, the LAST thing they want to do is sit around inside with airconditioning comfort.  No sirree!  We must do SOMETHING.  So that something turned in to riding the Philly Double Decker Big Bus and see all the sights!  Not the air conditioned trolly.  Nope!  Must be on the top of the bus in the 100 degree heat.

Thankfully we went in the morning and there were few riders.  Go figure.  I've done this bus tour at least 4 times with guests when coming to Philly.  It's always fun and I learn something new each time.

But this time ... THIS TIME  ... I had a real treat.

OK ... fellow birdie bloggers ... tell me which hawk is this.  Is it a Cooper's?

Imagine my excitement when I spotted this guy at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  
He was so beautiful!

So regal.

So royal.

So curious.

And so condescending to those below him.

I'm not sure how Rocky felt about that.
I can just hear Rocky calling out:  Adrian!  Get him off of me!

Sorry Rocky, clearly this Hawk was the Champion of the day!

Thanks for dropping by, dear friends.
And no, we didn't run up the 72 Rocky Steps at the museum.

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