Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pelican peace ...

As you dear friends know, I sort of have an addiction to photographing birds.  I love watching them feed, preen and float in the air.  (Although, I have yet to perfect my in-fight shots as some of you!)

There is something peaceful and calming about watching them.

Take the Brown Pelican for an example.  I've never really found them very attractive, but lately, as I take more time to observe them, I find them quite charming.  I've learned to identify the young ones who are white breasted.  As they mature, their chests turn dark, as you can see on this fellow below.

These sweet creatures have survived for over 40 million years, virtually unchanged.

These young'ins are probably going to live up to 40 years.  That is, if they don't get caught up in fishing lines.  80% will become entangled either in an active line or in discarded line thrown thoughtlessly into the sea.  Just the other day, while boating, we removed a fishing line that some folks thoughtlessly left strung across several posts.  Undoubtedly, some feathered friend would have met their doom there.

I hope you find these guys as charming as I do.  I had fun capturing this fellow below walking, or rather ~waddling~ down the pier.

I think I have begun waddling like this.  Vacations can do that to a girl!

I hope to get back into a better routine soon.  I so enjoy all your comments and visits.  It means a lot.  Thank you.

Until tomorrow, dear friends,

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