Monday, August 22, 2011

A New York City bird

New York City.  For many of us who do not live here,  it brings to mind thoughts of Broadway, the Twin Towers, yellow taxis, Central Park, the Dakotas, the Yankees, skycrapers, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, the Bronx, and the Empire State Building.

It really is a city that never ever sleeps.

Full of life and vibrancy. 

Sunday, The Professor and I went into the city so I could meet some new friends from blogland.  It can be a little intimidating meeting new people that you've met on-line.  Will they like you?  Will you like them?  Sort of like on-line dating. 

That is ... if you've ever done that sort of thing.  And yes ...  I did.  Twelve years ago.  That's how I met The Professor.  We hit it right off and have been together ever since.  Of course, he never expressed in his user profile his love for sports.  And I, who never watched sports, has learned to accept this .... sort of.

But back to my purpose in the city.  To meet my new friends.  Daryl, Kate, Lauren and Ann.  

I think we hit it off just great.  I was so relieved!  We walked, we laughed, we ate, and drank and shared bits and pieces of our lives.

And our cameras clicked away at the city sights.  

I particularly have a fondness for the water towers that hover above the apartment buildings.  Being a farm girl who grew up with water that came from a well deep in the ground, I marvel at these individual water towers.

Most small rural towns usually have just one water tower and can be seen for miles.  There are just so many in the city.  Someone really should do a coffee table book!  I'd buy it!

The five of us wandered around a couple of farmer and flea markets and I happened across this old saddle.  I thought it a rather odd contrast to the city.  Do you suppose somebody has a pony they are keeping in their courtyard?

And perhaps the best laugh of the day came when Daryl gifted me with this pigeon.  Don't worry.  Not a REAL pigeon.  It's made out of wood.  You see it sitting here on my patio joining all the other feathered friends who visit my backyard.

Daryl thought my bird blogs were a bit lacking without a pigeon being represented.

Just one other thing the city is well known for!
Hope your week has gotten off to a great start.

(By the way, all the photos were done in HDR.)

Until tomorrow friends,

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