Thursday, November 10, 2011

Critter complaints ...

Rocky Squirrel:  Hey, House Lady, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!???

Me:  Whoa ... squirrel, what is all the yellin' about?

Ricky Squirrel:  You want to know what all the yellin' is about?  Some other YOCAL has been feeding us, or rather, FORGETTING to feed us!

Rocky Squirrel:  Yeh, that's right.  We've been having to find other food.

Rocky Squirrel:  Do you have any idea how hard these walnut shells are.

Rocky Squirrel:  I almost broke two teeth getting through this thing!

Me:  Doesn't seem that chipmunk has any complaints.  Do you chipmunk?

Carmen Chipmunk:  murrmrmrurrmrmru ....

Me:  Didn't quite get that chipmunk.  What's that you said?

Carmen Chipmunk:  murmrurmrmrurmrmru!!!!!!

Me:  Sorry chipmunk, but ... you need to empty your mouth when speaking.

Carmen Chipmunk:  Ok, is this better?  I said .... Unlike those squirrels, I'm storing my food instead of EATING like those buffoons!  So while we may have not been treated daily, my rations served me quite well.  But I could use some more sunflower seed.  I'm just not that fond of the corn. 

Me:  Well, chipmunk, I'll make sure there is more sunflower seeds in your future.  And as for you squirrels, I'll have a talk with that 'yocal' you have so affectionately identified.  I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you are all making it out to be.

Roxy Squirrel:  Oh, House Lady, those boys ... how they exaggerate!  You and I both know that there are acorns galore all around us.  So don't worry about those boys.  They've gotten a bit fat and spoiled.  It's good for them to go hunting and get a bit of exercise. 

Me:  Well, thank you squirrel, that makes me feel a bit better.  It looks like it might be a rough winter though, so you might advise them to start storing up!  Between you and me though, I'll be here just in case.

Roxy Squirrel:  Thank you House Lady.  We do appreciate you, no matter what those boys say!

Me:  Best I don't know squirrel ....

Roxy Squirrel:  Understood ....

: : :

I always have fun doing these little made up chats with my critters.

I'm loving my little chipmunk lately.  It seems I have only one but who knows!  He's so funny since I've been putting out the sunflower seed on the stone wall.  He's out there every morning around 8am checking it out if there is anything there yet.  Once I do put it out, it only takes him about 5 minutes and three trips to gather up the handful I've placed there.  Then he spends the whole day coming back and checking.  Sometimes he just sits on the edge looking towards the house.

Such a hard working little guy.  Wish I had one-tenth of his energy!

Fall is fleeting by so quickly.  
I'm always amazed at these last few blooms that my Clematis produces. 
Refusing to accept the inevitable.

So, what are your thoughts?
Do you think we are in for a rough winter?