Friday, November 18, 2011

Key West ... Part 2, Street Scenes

 The Duval Street Crawl ... so named because after you stop at all the famous bars, you will be "crawling" back to your hotel!  (Not that I have ever done that ... well, maybe once when I was much much younger.  Not a good idea to have a shot of tequila at each bar on the way back to one's hotel.  It was not a pretty sight.  Nor was it a pretty morning ... ugh!)

Above is a daytime shot of Duval Street.  At night, it is all lit up with shops, restaurants, bars and crowds and crowds of people.  The Professor and I tend to avoid Duval street.  Too crowded for us.

There are many fine restaurants on the island.  One of our favorite places is Blue Heaven.  It's rather funky, laid back and has excellent service.

And where else can you eat and have roosters and chickens underfoot?
Sometimes a few battles break out.
Did you know that chickens can meander free.  They are everywhere! 
The whole island is a bird sanctuary. 
But this is the only restaurant that I know of
that have free range chickens at the table.

Key Lime Pie offers are everywhere!
Oh, my shorts are complaining at my ever expanding waist.

Another fine restaurant is Pepe's.  
They have some cool artwork inside, even a nude lady! 
I wonder if that is why The Professor likes going there.

I thought I'd throw in some other views from my bike rides.  There are so many 
cute rehabbed houses and then there are
others waiting.

Of course I gotta throw in some pictures of bikes.  Not quite the Amsterdam type biking community but many use them to get around. 

I took a ride into the Key West Cemetery.  There was a lovely dedication to 
those who lost their lives on the U.S. Battleship "Maine".

And I found this Coast Guard ship "Ingram" fascinating.  You could board and take a tour, 
but we didn't.  It was VERY hot and humid.  There was nothing
appealing to me about being inside a ship that day!

But the fascinating part was this painted on the side of the ship.  Gotta love it!

 Of course, there are so many street scenes, I could go on forever.  But I'll stop for now.

But I must mention the kitties.  They are everywhere ... napping.  

 Tomorrow, I'll show you some of the Hemingway House
and those 5-toed cats!
Way cool!

Another sunset for you. 
Hope you enjoyed today's tour of street scenes!

Until tomorrow, friends,