Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost perfect day ...

The last day or so has been rather relaxing as many of my holiday tasks have been crossed off, leaving me with more time to do 'whatever'.   And I like doing 'whatever' which usually includes taking lots of photos.  I thought I'd share with you some of my shots from yesterday.  Come walk with me.

Morning started out with breakfast at the pier.  The Professor and I love the view and occasionally, dolphins treat us with their acrobatics.

The Professor went back to work and I biked around looking for photo ops.  I am rarely disappointed!

This Great Blue Heron was on the hunt for breakfast and was kind enough to pose briefly.

I practiced my panning as these Rudy Turnstone Sandpipers ran quickly in front of me.  I won't tell you how many shots I took, but a few did come out ok.  I might be getting this panning thing down.  Or not.

These Dulin Sandpipers were a bit kinder and didn't make me chase them down the beach.  They were much more interested in what the surf was turning up for them than paying attention to me.

As lunch approached, I gathered up The Professor and we biked over to Ginny's & Jane E's for one of their delicious BLT sandwiches.  We ended up splitting it since the scales were not kind to us that morning!

After lunch, we biked around the island for over an hour, poking around here and there and seeing what new construction or landscaping had occurred since our last visit.  I love watching the progress of renovations and new construction.  HGTV and DIY?  I could watch hours of it!

We came upon one residence where these Wood Storks were hanging around.  I have never seen this bird before, so that was a big treat.  Although, they don't have the prettiest of faces.  Sorry Mr. Stork!

 This Anhinga was enjoying the day as much as we were ... soaking up the 80 degree weather! 

As the afternoon started to fade, The Professor and I gathered up our chairs, glasses and wine and walked to the beach for sunset.

Last night, it was especially sweet.

Even more sweet was capturing another photographer enjoying the same view.
I never tire of these golden moments. 

We were treated later with a few dolphins jumping.  
I didn't capture them though ... too far out and too little light.

Once dark was upon us, The Professor and I headed home.

Nearly a perfect day.
(A perfect day would have been being able to have a WHOLE BLT sandwich!)

Later, my friends,