Monday, December 12, 2011

A Maine calling and an interview ...

There is a point in one's life that you think "been there, done that, don't need to do that again".
Like in your 20's, moving to a new house and getting your friends and relatives to help.
Or, in your 40's, packing up your kid and moving them into their college dorm.
I thought those days of U-Haul moving were well behind me as I began to enter my 60's.
But I was wrong.

This past weekend, The Professor and I loaded up a Budget truck with some of our home furnishings and moved them up to our Maine home.  We have always planned to have a summer home in Maine some day and recently found that place on Penobscot Bay.  

Penobscot Bay has some of the best sailing waters in the world!  Being a sailor girl, well, let me just say, I'm in heaven!  And I kept reminding myself of that the last few days as we lifted, heaved and ho'd out of one house and into another.  Oh, my aching back, knees, fingers, feet ....  get the picture?

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This morning has been the first opportunity to get our internet operational and log on to our computers.  Fortunately, we didn't suffer internet withdrawals due to our sheer exhaustion each day as we collapsed into bed at night.

Even though my MIND might think of myself as a young 40 something, my BODY doth protests!  It feels so good to just sit here right now and write this blog and enjoy my view. 

For those of inquiring minds, this was the original SOOC.
And what a view!  Of course, it is a bit distracting.  Many of the sailboats have been pulled from the water as winter arrives but there is still some activity in the harbor.  A rowboat here or there going to their boat to do something or another on their floating craft.

Looking out towards the bay, many of the sailboats have been pulled from the water for the winter.
The water is peaceful and calm for me.  I feel most at home here, near the water, which is odd since I spent the first half of my life in Iowa surrounded by corn and soybean fields.

These days, though, I love surrounding myself with the sea, coastlines and the call of the seagulls.
And of course, full moons.  

Did you see it the last few nights?  It was gorgeous over our harbor.  

: : :

Through the midst of all this commotion, I was honored by fellow blogger friend, Kamana of Journaling Through Photos, who is currently running a series of interviews with bloggers she enjoys.  As a follower of
Kamana and her beautiful writing and photography, I was honored 
by her request.

Take a moment and stop over here
 for my interview but more importantly
browse through some of the other folks she has featured.
They are all remarkable!

: : :

Even though it's still a bit chaotic here, I hope to catch up with all of you
over the next day or so and see what YOU have been up to!

Later friends,