Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside ...

It has gotten cold here ... very cold.  Well, maybe not Alaska cold, but it's still dang cold.  It makes me want to be in other places ... like the photo above.  I was going through my archives today and came upon it.  It was a small little town (whose name I have forgotten) in Portugal when we were there the summer of 2006.  I always loved that little town.  Everything was so colorful.

 But ~sigh~ not so much color here right now.  
I was surprised the other day during the rain when a Blue Jay stopped by.

I had not seen one for at least several months.  
And I actually heard him before I saw him.
As did all my other feathered friends who quickly scattered.

I don't think he is very popular.

But he's not the only one not very popular around here.

This guy stopped in later looking for a meal.  

This was the third time he has stopped in this week.  As far I know, he hasn't scored.

But this was his most boldest move ... sitting on my bird feeder right outside my window.
Even as I was shooting through the window, he didn't seem to mind my movement.

He hung around for several minutes and then took off.

And that is exactly what The Professor and I are going to do.
Take off to Florida!
And none too soon.
A snowstorm is moving in with snow and sleet.
That means ice!  

Not going to be a good day to fly.
But I sure am going to look forward to putting my feet
into some warm sand
and having a margarita or two or three.
Have a great weekend, my friends.
Stay warm and safe.

As ever,