Monday, January 16, 2012

Tinkering ...

Our neighbor boards horses and I have the pleasure of watching them 
from my office every day.  

And sometimes they watch me as well.

Late this afternoon in the middle of putting this post together, I noticed that they had gotten loose.  Concerned that they would wander into the road, The Professor and I went over and found nobody home.  We saw that they had knocked down a section of the log fence.  As we tried to catch them, my biggest concern was that they might spook and start running ... right into the road!  So scary and dangerous!

Fortunately, The Professor went back home, got a cut up apple and we were able to approach both of them and lead them back into their pasture.  We placed the logs back and said goodbye.  Whew!

: : :

And now, back to my regular scheduled post ....

I've been tinkering around wasting time with the Complete Collection of Nik Software that I purchased today.  I frequently use Topaz, which I love love love, but Nik has some nice features that I thought I just had to have.

All of these bird pictures that I shot through my office window
were edited today with Nik Sharpener Pro.

 This little wren was a little fuzzy but that program fixed it up a bit.
Of course, it is still far from perfect.

I'm just beginning to explore all of the great features and 
don't profess to know what I'm doing.

But I'm having a lot of fun anyway.

And isn't that why we do this?  
By the way, 
I loved how this red-bellied woodpecker image came out.

All of these photos were taken within the last week.
It's been quite active at my feeders.

As well as in my trees.
This guy caught my eye the other day
scoping out his dinner in my back yard.

He was just sitting there watching all the birds at the feeder.

Fortunately, the doves had departed.  
They seem to be his favorite.

He didn't mind when I came outside 
and snapped away.

Probably a bit irritated that I was interfering with his prey 
who had all departed upon my approach.

But that was okay with me.

: : :

It's been a nice three day weekend.  
Wouldn't it be nice to have them every week?!

As ever,