Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Friend or foe

days end brings us

to this place
of familiar terrain
you and i

we take pause
with shallow breath
hearts racing

friend or foe
in locked gaze

caution recalled
as boundaries dissolve
with departing tide

friend or foe

which be you




~ ~ ~

I always find it fun and challenging to find a photo and embrace it with words that tell a story.  There are others who do it so much better than me like Brian at WayStationOne.  Take a few minutes and wander around his posts.  He is very talented!

I may be a little absent on my visits this week.  I'm traveling out to Scottsdale to visit a friend and then joining up with The Professor who will have put in a couple of days of Utah skiing and visiting our son.  I won't be skiing this trip ... my knees just aren't up to it lately.  (This growing old business is not for the young of spirit!)

Oh well ... at least I'll enjoy the 'apres' part of it!  

Thanks for dropping by and I'll look forward to catching up with all of you later this week.

Stay well,