Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Helter skelter week

My life felt a little bit helter skelterish last week. 

After visiting lovely warm Scottsdale, I met up with The Professor in cloudy cold Snowbird, Utah.  He had some ~man~ time for several days skiing with our son.  Apparently, the weather wasn't great and by the time of my arrival, he had had enough.   So much for ME capturing any ski shots!

But fortunately they sent me an iPhoto shot ... I guess proof that they were actually skiing ....  in between beers!  Ha! 

The only photos I got on this trip were riding in the car.  Gah!  And all of them were taken through the car windshield coming DOWN the mountain, since I drove myself UP the mountain to meet the boys.  And I wasn't about to take my hands off the steering wheel on that winding, guard rail-less road!

So this is where Topaz comes in handy.  
Turning those blurry useless pics into something a bit more pretty.

So I guess not all was lost.

: : :

I'm looking forward to hanging around home for a little while.
Maybe the cardinals and my other feathered friends will soon forgive 
my absence.

Hope you are having a great week!

I plan to begin watching Downton Abbey's first season.
Everyone says it's awesome.
So, am I the only one among you who has not seen it yet?
~ sigh~

~ ~ ~