Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jack Sparrow

I have been a very naughty House Lady.

Of the 45898934 hummingbird photos and the 7989895 photos of finches, cardinals, bluejays, cowbirds, starlings, woodpeckers, crows, terns, skimmers, seagulls, herons and one or two hawks, there has been one feathered friend I have neglected.

Jack Sparrow. 

Today, Mr. Jack Sparrow so kindly pointed that out.  I had no excuses.  I made none.  But I could atone for my oversight, he chirped, with a whole post, featuring his family.

So with no further adieu .......


Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sparrow

and their three little fledglings

John, Johnny and Joanne
(to ensure equal photo time, I present three since I could not tell them apart)

and last, but not least, their big brother, 
Calhoun Cowbird
(shhhh.......they don't know this, but he really isn't their brother.
Cowbird Cassie, dropped her
egg in Mrs. Sparrow's nest while she was out!
Cowbirds are so lazy when it comes to parenting!)

But Calhoun Cowbird has been a good brother, even if a bit rowdy.

Today he tried to encourage them to take a dip.

 But John, Johnny and Joanne were a bit skeptical.

So, Calhoun Cowbird tried again to illustrate the ways of bathing.

But his siblings were still skeptical

 and thought it best to maybe try

another day.
: : :

Later in the day, John, Johnny and Joanne 
were kind enough to pose for me 
so I could let you know 
who was who.

 This is John.

This is Johnny.

And this is Joanne.
(I think Joanne had the sweetest pose, don't you?)

: : :

So ....  this was my day today.  Making amends.  It could be worse.  
The yellow jackets could have been demanding equal time.  
How's that saying go ....
"madder than a hornet's nest"

Fortunately, they've been too busy on the hummer's feeder to notice.  
Thank goodness!

Until tomorrow, friends
Stay safe

: : :

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