Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring beach courtship

I had an awesome lazy weekend which I'm planning to try to continue to practice this week.  The Professor and I flew down to Anna Maria to spend a little R&R time.  Well, at least I plan on spending a little R&R time.  The Professor will, of course, work.  But I at least hope to drag him out for some biking and evening sunset beach time.

We were welcomed with cool, stormy weather.  The photo above was a morning shot from the Pier while we were having breakfast.  Storm clouds like that were all around us.

 I hope to be prowling the beaches and capturing lots of bird shots. 

It's mating season for the terns and the plovers and there are hundreds and hundreds 
on the beach right now.  Parts of the beach are roped off
in anticipation of their nesting.

Awwww, sweet romance.
This is the best realty show ever!
: : :

Hope your week is off to a great start.
Later, my friends,