Monday, May 14, 2012

The gull and the pelican

 Gulliver Gull:  Hey, Patty Pelican, looks like that dive of yours landed you a fish!

I think I'll just drop in ...

And take a closer look at what you have there!

Come on!  Bring it up already!

 I can't ride these waves all day waiting for you to
come up with dinner!

 Oh, the hell with ya!

 I didn't want your darn fish anyway.
I'm outta here!

Patty Pelican:  GULP!  I thought that gull was never going to leave.  Trying to steal my fish... why the nerve!

My, that WAS a tasty morsel!

Better get moving to land me another meal
before that freeloading gull comes back!

Moral of the story:

He who lives off the back of others
has a lot of gull!

~snort snort~

Later my friends,