Monday, June 18, 2012

Goodbye, Istanbul and Turkish baths

 I know I probably should be moving on to other
summer topics but I am still crushing on
our Istanbul trip.

 We had so many fantastic experiences
from cruising up the Bosphorus

 to having drinks on the top of The Marmara with
this incredible view

 and dinners with these incredible views.

 We visited the Princes Island Buyukada, a popular summer destination,
where the only transport is bike or horse and wagon.

We had lots of good wine

and food and deserts.
Fortunately, I only gained a pound or two!

Perhaps my one regret is that I did not buy a Turkish rug while there. 
This was the one I loved.
I should have bought it!

But perhaps the very best experience 
was our Turkish bath!

On our last day there, our Turkish host invited us to their home for a Turkish breakfast 
and then arranged for a Turkish bath or hamam at their private spa.

Ooh la la!

We were treated like royalty and unfortunately I have no pictures of my own to share.
People get a little nervous in dressing rooms, saunas, and bathing rooms when 
you drag cameras and iPhones out!

But this photo from the web is a fair representation of what goes on in the bath.

 It was an absolute treat once I got over my nakedness in front of the
two strangers who would bath The Professor and myself.
Our bodies were aggressively scrubbed from head to toe 
while lying virtually naked upon a stone.

Turkish baths are not for the modest at heart!

Afterwards, we lounged in our robes in a large candle-lit spa-like room with over-sized sofas,
served a Turkish drink of some sort and expected to linger there as long
as we desired. 
So we did!

It truly was an incredible experience and my skin has never felt so smooth and silky!


Well, this pretty much wraps up our visit.
It was a beautiful and friendly country and sorry that
we didn't have the time to travel outside of Istanbul to some other incredible sites.


so sorry for not buying that rug!

Hope your week gets off to a great start.
Later, my friends,