Friday, September 14, 2012

Work work and a little play

The last several mornings here in Maine have given me some awesome sunrises.  And as you know, I'm not a sunrise type of girl.  But over the last several weeks, I've been rising around 6:30  or so as to unlock the doors so our construction crew can begin their work at 7:00.  And frequently, I am greeted with the view above.  I so love Maine!

The Professor, of course, has been in Philly doing professorial types of things.  But I've got my bird friends, who are slowly finding my feeder, to keep me company.  Most of my days have been filled with doing such things as replacing door knobs and hinges, outlet covers, painting, removing old shower doors ... you get the picture.  Which has been leaving little time for blogging or blog visits.

I have taken a few afternoons to comb our little beach area and annoy our resident Ospreys who keep their eye on me as I search for sea glass.  A nice break from hammers and saws!

I've collected quite a little bounty so far of my favorite colors 
which I have chosen to use in our renovation.

The other afternoon I headed out for a bike ride to a favorite local viewing point.  
It's a beautiful spot of peacefulness 
as evidenced by the man below taking in the afternoon view.

And I'm hoping to do the very same thing 
this weekend!

Hope you all have a swimmingly great day!
Back to work for me.
I have more door knobs to replace.
Later, my friends,