Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Out and About

Spring has decided to make an appearance! 

The yard has been speckled with robins 
and the temperatures soared to 73 degrees yesterday.

The weekend even turned out pretty awesome and The Professor and I took advantage of it.  
We enjoyed an evening out with some friends downtown Philly which offered me the opportunity to capture the city in the early evening light.

On Saturday with clear skies, 
we decided to explore a few outside flea markets in the area.

Unfortunately, nothing caught my eye except for these water towers.
I love water towers and always enjoy
my friend Daryl's Water Tower Wednesday posts at 

Come Sunday, we had the pleasure of being entertained by Bill Cosby
for a solid two hours with his non-stop humor.
The afternoon show was packed with a lot of us baby boomers 
and he did not disappoint.

(photo courtesy:jetmag.com)

~ ~ ~ 

And last but not least, I've been having some new visitors
dropping by.

Three crows have been checking out my backyard. They mostly sit in the trees scoping out the area.  Occasionally, they get brave enough to come pick up some food under the feeders but are very skittish.  I used to frighten them away until I read "Gifts of the Crow" which describes amazing, true stories of crows who rage, grieve, give gifts, work together, and use tools. Some of the book gets a bit too technical about brain structure but I did enjoy all the stories of their behavior. Now I feel a bit bad that I was so rude to them.

 Hopefully they'll forgive me and maybe someday bring me gifts!

And see those new buds on the tree.
Yep, Spring has finally arrived!