Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Twelve Apostles

Today marks the halfway point of our travels here on the other side of the world.  The Professor has been doing his professorially things and we squeeze in trips here and there around his schedule. With all the places we've been visiting, I'm glad to have a cool iPhone app that I had been using over the past year.  Day One is like a journal in which you can record ideas, memories, photos and it syncs effortlessly with my iPad and Mac.  I love it and it's so easy to use!  If you're like me, you can't remember what you did yesterday let alone six months ago! What was the weather like then or the address of that restaurant with great pasta.  Here's a snapshot to give you an idea.  Check it out here.

Now on to more interesting sights.  We arrived in Melbourne on Day 19 of our travels.  (I only easily know that from my Day One!)  We immediately got our rental car and headed out of town. We had a destination of Port Campbell about four hours by way of the Great Ocean Road.  Oh my! What a beautiful drive.

Our true destination was the Twelve Apostles, limestone rock stacks that rise up out of the Southern Ocean.  They used to be caves along the coast millions of years ago, eventually turning into arches that eventually collapsed leaving the current stacks.  There used to be 12 stacks, but now I think they are down to 7.  It was absolutely beautiful!  Although these images have been enhanced, the colors of the limestone and sand shift as the day progresses.  I couldn't quit taking photos.  But first, I had to get DOWN there.  Fortunately, I beat the bus load of tourists just in time!

 Since the previous late afternoon had been cloudy and filled with people, we returned early the next morning.  The Gods were good to us!  The clouds parted and gave us a great light.  And we were practically the only ones there.  Nice.

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful spot in southern Australia.  Next stop .... Melbourne!
Later, my friends,