Friday, February 21, 2014

Chillin' out on the Thai Islands

Thailand continues to be in the news with its violent clashes between protesters and police in Bangkok.  Much of the unrest began in November, just as we were wrapping up our visit, but with the current situation, foreigners are advised to travel with caution to Thailand.  It is projected that Thailand could loose over $2 billion in tourism dollars, a very significant amount for a country so heavily dependent upon the foreign dollar.

I knew nothing about Thailand prior to visiting.  And to be frank, I probably would not be following any of the unrest there had I not previously visited and fell in love with these gentle, kind people.  It is my hope that peace comes again soon.

Our visit in November was supposed to be after their rainy season.  Note that I said "supposed to be".  Much of our week on three of the islands included rain and rough seas.  But no matter.  It was still beautiful and peaceful and refreshing after our time in crowded Bangkok.  We stayed at three lovely resorts in Phuket, Ko Lanta and Ao Nang.  We napped, read, had great dinners, interesting drinks, and $10 an hour to-die-for massages.  We saw lots of well cared for cats, a few monkeys and even a beach wedding that included an elephant!

I'll let the images speak for themselves.  My next post holds a surprise that occurred on Ao Nang. Stay tuned!