Monday, August 18, 2014

August, please slow up!

There's a feel of fall in the air with the morning temps in the low 50's.  The wet dew and crisp breeze greet me and the pups as they scurry out for their first pee break of the day.  Brrrrrr.....

Oh, I am so not ready for summer to end.

We had a remarkable double rainbow arch itself across our harbor the other day.  
There was a light sprinkle happening as the sun burst through the clouds.

It was just stunning!

I've been trying to take my camera out a bit more 
to capture all the beauty that
presents itself daily.

I could forever just photograph boats and dinghies.
Each one has its own character and flaws.
Like the one below. 

The oars remind me of the stockings
on the Wicked Witch of the West 
in the Wizard of Oz.

There are dinghies 
that are so well cared for .....

and others that look lost and homeless.

I find each boat full of charisma and character.
It's endless.

I could photograph them all day long!

Oh, August.  Please slow down.
I'm not ready for fall's arrival!