Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Key West ... the southernmost point

Key West

The first time I visited here was almost 20 years ago in 1992
when Hurricane Andrew blew through.
  Much of the island was evacuated.  
But not me.  Couldn’t get on a flight.
So I rode it out.
My first hurricane.
On my 40th birthday.

Today, it has changed so much.
Many tourists, shops, bars and restaurants.
Even cruise ships.
I’m not one much for crowds.
And they are here. 
On Duval Street.
On Mallory Square.
But if you get off the main drag of Duval, 
you can once again find the charm 
of Key West.

I hope to show you some of it
over the next several days.

So stay tuned friends.
I’ll take you on a little tour.

And I'll even throw in a few of these guys!

Cause I'm that kind of girl.