Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet tweet distraction

Days like today, 
distractions outside my window 
are very welcomed.

Like these lovely doves who sat outside my window near our bird feeders.  
Today, they seemed to be reticent to join in the fray of their feathered friends 
who were gorging on new feeders we added this weekend.

This little girl decided that a nap was in order while she waited and ...

... waited.  
While this picky guy threw out the seeds he did not like, making a huge mess below.  
But then ... 
that was what the doves were waiting on.

I loved watching the finches.  
There must have been 10-15 finches this afternoon taking turns to feed.

As evening approached and all seemed clear, this little guy decided it was safe to climb up the tree and knock down the feeder.  
It landed straight up!  Which NEVER happens!

Pleased with his handiwork, he feasted and feasted until I finally went out and chased him away.  

Don't feel bad for him.  He has gotten very clever about knocking these feeders down.  We battle every summer.  And he usually wins.

Of course, all of this was a pleasant distraction for an otherwise painful day of testing out new photo programs for my 20,000+ photo library.   

Aperture 3 vs. Adobe Lightroom 3.  Oh, what to do, what to do ......

My brain hurts.

As I said yesterday, my Mac is feeling very bloated and cranky.  And she got even more cranky today as I pushed her ever so more.

The only upside to all of my time waiting ... while she was thinking ... was that I had time on my hands to take photos.  Or, at least, practice taking photos. All of the pics above were with my telephoto lens.  Through my windows.  My dirty windows.

Nothing like a dirty window as a lens filter.


But that's okay.  The day has now turned into evening which means *wine time*!

(Versus my earlier *whine time*.) 

Nothing like a glass of red wine and tuning into The Good Wife to make me feel whole again.  And maybe I'll catch last week's Sister Wives!

Hope your Wednesday is filled with smiles,  
missing the mom gene