Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things I Like

These are things I like.  Things that make my life better.  Things that cling gently to my soul.

dusk. The quietness that falls just before darkness as the last few rounds of songbirds call out to their mates.

sad movies. I have a thing for flawed humans like myself.  I’m mostly drawn to films that are dark and edgy.

books.  Again, more flawed characters in foreboding and desolate worlds. The kind of characters who make you wonder “how can you possibly go on in life?” But it’s these characters that are the real heroes. The ones who continue on with all odds against them.

bamboo.  It’s a beautiful plant, although invasive, to the woes of my Florida neighbor.

Italian food.  I love all pasta.

potato chips.  Specifically, Sterzing Potato Chips, mostly found in Iowa. They are nasty but oh so good.

Happy Joe’s Pizza.  Again, an Iowa thing. Glad my kids live there and give me an excuse to indulge.

book stores. Simply to wander around and touch the thousands of books in all their excusite splendor.

tinkering on a sailboat. Something relaxing about checking and rechecking your lines and sails, polishing the rails.

kitties.  all kitties of the world.

construction. I can’t explain it.  Just love the process.

freshly cut grass. Need I say more.

foot massages. Right up there with good sex.

beaches.  At sunset with seagulls and terns playing at the water’s edge.

hostas. The big beautiful broad leaf kind.

carmel apples.


Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!
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Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Sex didn't make your list? Oh my...I hope I never get to the point where sex is not in the top ten things that I like.

Reena said...

Haha Michael! It most certainly still is. Just sparing my kids that image. *snort*

beth said...

when i was in high school i worked at happy joes....it's long gone now from my little hometown in southern wisconsin, but you mentioning it sure brought back some memories.....

Reena said...

My fave is their Taco Pizza ... the best! Good thing there are none in Philly or I would have to go on the 'Biggest Loser' show!