Friday, April 15, 2011

Firmly grounded

A few years back, after removing our old patio and replacing it, we had a pile of flagstone remaining.  When I was asked if I wanted it hauled away, I said no.  Someday, I will put it to use. 

I love flagstone.  Natural and unpretentious under my feet.  Firmly grounded.

The following spring, I found that use.

Under one of our old tulip trees.  Along the log fence that is visited by our neighbor’s horses, looking for a treat.

Digging and scraping and carving out the land to make a new home for these stones
was exhausting.  Lifting and shifting.  Building a puzzle of stone.

When finished, I sat in silence shaded from the afternoon sun, admiring the handiwork.  Nothing fancy.  Not perfect.  But it was mine.  I had created it.

A place to begin or end a day.  A retreat if only so brief.  Away from beckoning responsibilities. 

Where thoughts are free to soar as far as one allows.  With feet still firmly grounded.

A sanctuary of possibilities.


Thanks for stopping by and wishing you a soaring weekend,

missing the mom gene