Thursday, April 14, 2011

Full circle

I have taken up ‘bird watching’ rather late in my life.

Lest you judge, let me explain.

When I was younger and jogged in the woods,
I would come upon a photographer setting up a tripod.
Other times,
I’d surprise an older person quietly sitting on a wooden bench near a small pond.
Seemingly content.

I did not understand.

I scoffed at these people. 
As I saw it, not much of a life.  Sitting on benches.  Taking pictures of nature.

I mean,
having time to do *nothing* just didn’t fit into my world then. 
Between career, three kids, cook, housekeeper, laundress, chauffeur, 
sometimes wife, sometimes student.

Living fast.
Day to day, month to month, year to year.
Running towards


I no longer know.

At the time,
it all seemed important.

But now, 
with a better understanding of the difference of a busy life
and a life well lived

I am able to
and rejoice in the
of a single songbird.

I have
come full circle
to face my youth
looking at the world
in all its magic.

Such wonder awaits me daily.

In the songbirds that I capture
with camera and tripod at my side.

I suppose the young scoff at me now.

But ask me if I care.

missing the mom gene


bernthis said...

I came upon this post via stumble and it is so well written, so beautiful and so much the message i needed to "hear".

Thank you for this.

Reena said...

Thank you bernthis! I love stumbling upon other folk's words and "hearing" what may be in their hearts.