Monday, April 4, 2011

A real reality show

Spring was taunting me this past weekend.

*aside from the squirrels*

Buds began to slowly open up.

Bluejays added fresh color to crabgrass and bare spots of the yard.

Old hydrangea flowers hung limply from stems while new buds soaked up the sunny days.

Oh, Happy Days!

Aside from the excitement of watching the Decorah Eagles this weekend and their hatching eaglets, I did manage to finish my part on our taxes.

The Professor was threatening me with alienation of affection, if only briefly.

So I schlepped through 2010.


But doing that tedious desk work, gave me the chance to stream live the eagles and their babes.

Two eggs have hatched and one is left to hatch in another day or so.

I don't know who sits in the control room at Raptor Resource and manages the cams, but thank you.  It was a delightful day watching as they zoomed in and out at various times. 

Best reality show EVER!

Although sometimes a bit more reality than I think I want to witness.

Like, freshly killed food.  Over the weekend, the toll has been a rabbit, two fish, and two birds. 

And then there is fighting. The first born attacked the second born just before mom started feeding him.  Poor little guy.  He seems alright but I'm not sure I'm cut out for eagle violence!

There was the hour or so when one little eaglet somehow got out of the nest pocket and was on the edge.  Fortunately, the mother was able to wrestle him back in.

One doesn't need to watch CSI.  There is enough violence and suspense right here.

Speaking of violence and suspense.

We had a bit of excitement in our backyard when a hawk swooped down on our bird feeders trying to snatch one of the finches.  They were quick to react.

Fortunately, he missed and I was able to capture a quick picture of the hawk before he flew off.

What do you think he was?  A Coopers Hawk?

Maybe he had some young he needed to feed as well.  So I can't be too angry at him.

But murder in my back yard?

That's a little bit too much reality for me!

Aside from the circle of life thing and all,

I hope your weekend was filled with sunshine!

Until tomorrow,
missing the mom gene