Wednesday, May 23, 2012

They'rrrrrre back!!

 I was so thrilled last year to have the presence of 
several ruby-throated hummingbirds visit frequently.

And thrilled again that they have returned.

 So when I saw this little black-chinned hummingbird,
I was overwhelmed.
So overwhelmed that my photos are so-so.
But that's okay.
I'm hoping of many more opportunities!

 I'm guessing this is his mate.

 They take turns all day long coming by for a sip,
but are a bit skittish when I move in my office window reaching for my camera.
Hope they get over that.

Last year, my visitors never seemed to mind my movement.
They got so used to it, that we eventually got to feed them from our hand.
You may remember that post last year.

Here's a pic of that sweetness feeding from my daughter's hand.

I'm hoping for repeats again this summer!
Last year, the females came around quite frequently,
but rarely did the males.

So far, this black-chinned hummingbird is visiting often.
Hope it continues!

By the way, do you ever wonder how in the world they find our feeders??
Guess that's a question for Google!

 Later, my friends,