Tuesday, May 10, 2011


That's the theme this week for Pioneer Woman's new photo contest.

I have been a bit timid to enter her photo contests.  There are so many amazing photographers out there and I've been quite comfortable to be an observer through my computer screen.

But yesterday, a fellow blogger, Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl, whom I enjoy tremendously (go check her out),  gave me a nudge.  Or more accurately, a huge push with her words

"Just do it!"

And she's right.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Sometimes I get too comfortable with my life.  Why stir things up when all is well. 

But then, that can lead to boredom, which is the death of all that is creative.

*Step out and take a risk* I yelled at myself!

So I plunged into my files.

I didn't have many *action* shots but did come across a few that I had taken while at the beach last week.  Although, none of them were good enough to enter, they reminded me how sometimes it takes hundreds of shots just to get one good one.

: :

A young man was kitesurfing as The Professor and I were enjoying another sunset.  I guess kitesurfing would be considered an extreme sport.  Extreme to me, anyway, when you combine wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing and paragliding all into one. 

I call that one *action* packed sport!

Anyway, he was gliding back and forth in front of us in the shallow surf.  
Occasionally, he would crash but would be back up and moving almost instantaneously.

The wind seemed so powerful that I thought surely it would drag him out to sea.  
But with a shift and a twist of his rope bar ...

... he moved back into the shallow surf and whizzed by us. 


And then, after dozens of shots,  he came between us and the setting sun.

In that moment, in that perfect moment in action, 
I was able to capture the photo below.  
I love how his kite appears moon shape and his image all but disappears in the sea.  
I could not have set this shot up any better 
had I studied and planned for days how to capture it all.

 I guess that is why I love taking photos.  
The spontaneity of a moment in time 
captured forever.

: :

PS.  I did find a photo and entered.  I have no anticipation that it would ever get chosen, 
but I took a chance.  


I stepped off the cliff and it didn't hurt a bit.
Thanks, Kate.

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(aka missing the mom gene)