Monday, May 9, 2011


a color of contradiction

passion, lust and love
hate and anger

blood and fire
life and vitality

and still 

your beauty and mystery
take my breath away


(aka missing the mom gene)


Jaime said...

That red bird is just striking!

Hello there:) Just wanted to come and say thank you for leaving your beautiful words behind on my means so much to me.

I think I wil wander around here a little....

TexWisGirl said...

oh yes. you do love red. :) (hope you win my cardinal!)

Judy said...

Beautiful "red" series. I love the cardinal shot.

Ruth said...

They say it increases hunger too, which is why restaurants often decorate with it.

Lovely images, Reena.

Friko said...

Red, my favourite colour. It is one of the few colours that suit me. Fire-engine red, why not.

Nice to meet you.

Wine and Words said...

I am drawn to red. I try to change, but can't. I decide, "Buy the Teal. Paint it Sage. Wear Yellow." *sigh* Always Red. Perhaps I now know why. I am nothing, if not a mess of contradictions!