Monday, May 16, 2011

Morning walk

Early morning fog has greeted me the last several days for my morning walk.  I love fog.  Not to drive in, of course.  Nasty stuff.  But to walk in fog.  Something eerily charming about it.

I have a number of directions I like to walk in our neighborhood.  One of my favorites is down this lovely tree-lined lane.  At the end of the lane is a private gated estate.

Just a little mansion.  It kind of reminds me of Disneyland.  It's beautiful but not really my taste.  I'm quite content with my cape cod home surrounded with sycamore trees instead of a fence and gate.

And speaking of sycamores.  Don't you just love their trunk texture.  I have yet to capture their beauty.  The one in my front yard just begs to be climbed.

Over the weekend, my irises began exploding.  Such color and complexity.  I just want to squeeze them.  The flower has always had a special charm to me and reminds me of my grandmother's garden.  She had rows and rows of irises and peonies around her Iowa farmhouse. 

She's been gone for 30 years and I still miss her.

I wonder if she ever had a moment to examine the beauty of her flowers.  I hope so.

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