Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitty love

you come

in the early morning hour
waiting for the first sign of
my awakening

i feign sleep
stealing a glance
your way
through heavy eyelids
as you gaze 
at the dancing shadows 
of my drawn shade

i wonder 

do you dream of fields of green
or prey you seek to stalk
are you fierce and dangerous
like your ancient ancestors 
who haunt your sleep
each night

do you resent this placid life
provided by this human
isolated by a window pane
to keep the world outside


do you find a source of comfort
from imagined enemies and foes
who linger long in shadows 
of your nightly darkened dreams

i wonder

do you like your
life kitty
or do you want for more

when you come
each morning 

and gaze
at the dancing shadows
of my drawn shade

: :

your mama



TexWisGirl said...

oh, that was sweet. i would imagine kitty cat dreams some, but loves to come in to wake his human every morning...

Lisa Gordon said...

Oh my goodness, this is wonderful! I have a very special Kitty. She is not mine. Someone abandoned her, and so I feed her each day, and hug her a whole lot. She waits for me each morning to feed her before I go to work.
Your kitty is beautiful! Those eyes are amazing!

Liza said...

Hi Reena. Thank you for commenting on Middle Passages. I wonder about my kitty too, though the few times she does get outside, she rolls in the dirt and then runs inside. I love your pictures. Thank you for making me appreciate the fog again...even though it feels pretty relentless right now.

Marcie said...

So..so..so sweet. Love those eyes. And your accompanying poem is magical!

Tracey9AD said...

Beautiful words and a beautiful kitty. I am a cat lover too...we have 4. :-O

Hilary said...

Awww that's sweet. Kitty thoughts and dreams. Gotta love a feline. :)

Judy said...

Look at those beautiful eyes.

Ruth said...

Kitty looks very like my Bishop. Yes, what do they think? Mine lives outside, and she is a brilliant huntress.