Monday, May 23, 2011

Unraptured weekend

So here we are ... we all made it!  No Rapture this past weekend.

The Professor thought on Rapture Day it would be cool to hang out downtown Philly at the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival.  He figured (not me), what better way to go than partying down with a few zillion billion people. 

So not my kind of party.  But I was a good sport, even though I hinted that it may be very crowded. 

 I don't like crowds.  I mean, I really don't like crowds.  My two biggest dislikes in life are crowds and waiting in line.  I would have much preferred hanging out inside the Apple store ... see it, right across the street from me.  So close and yet .... I said nothing.

I didn't complain as The Professor weaved me through the crowds so he could get some food like this.

Actually, this crab cake was quite good.  As good as his Aunt Treva's.

Afterwards, though, we needed something to wash it down.  After pushing our way through more crowds, we came to this wine booth.  Now, that had my attention.

But The Professor was told that they were not selling wine by the glass, but wine tasting.  Okay.  Okay.  I could handle that.  Just head around the corner and buy a ticket.  Which we did but quickly changed our minds.  The line was about 100 people long.

I wasn't that thirsty.

We wandered around a bit more and The Professor took pity on me and suggested I wait in the park while he found us some drinks.  He's sweet that way.

So I waited and took lots of pictures.

This young boy's face pretty much summarized my feelings about crowds and lines.

After The Professor got back with our overpriced drinks, he decided he had enough and we headed home.

Sunday came with no Rapture, so The Professor and my daughter stuck with their plans to run in a local 5k.

More crowds.  But I went with no complaining.  Cause I'm nice that way.  Well ... sometimes.  Anyway, it was my daughter's first 5k.  Her mama had to be there to cheer her on!

At least this time when I got thirsty waiting around, there were no lines for drinks since most of the folks were running.  That made me smile!

After the race, everyone had beer and sandwiches.  Not a bad crowd at all.  Of course, beer can make many things tolerable.

I heard the radio evangelist was "flabbegasted" that the Rapture did not not arrive as predicted and that "it had been a really tough weekend."


No ...  the world did not come to an end but for some folks in Joplin, Missouri, I'm sure it feels like it did.  Thinking of you Joplin and sending good thoughts and hopes your way.

I'm glad I didn't complain to The Professor over the weekend's events.  Life can turn on a dime.

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