Sunday, December 18, 2011

The trouble with sanderlings ...

Do you ever wonder what to do with bad photos?

Like the kind that come out blurry ... 
which I tend to have a LOT of! 
(I know, I'm not suppose to end a sentence with a preposition ... 
but sometimes it is just a hell of a lot easier to do so!)

I can NEVER NEVER NEVER get a good photograph of these little Sanderlings.
Racing back and forth along the beach,
feeding in the surf on exposed crustaceans.

They even tend to speed faster by as they pass in front of The Professor and me
as we sit along the shoreline waiting for sunset.
Even my attempts at panning (of which I have no talent) ... 
come out blurry blurry blurry!

So, instead of deleting them today,
I played around with a number of different editing programs til I found something that I liked.  
I used a program called Flare for Mac.
It allows me to add effects and textures effortlessly.
(Note the word "effortlessly"!)
My kind of photography!
And I ended up with some useful photos that I could share.

I guess the thing that I absolutely love about photography is that there are many ways to
illustrate and share a moment.

And I guess that's why many of us blog.
To share moments and glimpses of our lives
with people that matter.

Like you.


Stay safe.  Beathe deep.  Pause.  Enjoy.

Life rushes by (too fast) just like the sanderlings.