Friday, June 3, 2011

A little bit of this and that .... and bags

Well, the weekend is finally upon us and the heat wave has moved on ... at least for us here in the northeast.  So beautifully crisp and comfortable that I just want to take a blanket outside and take a nap!

But instead ... I should be pruning my azaleas.  So says our local newspaper this morning.  Geez ... a girl can never get a break!

I just want to spend a little time on the patio ... reading ... or doing nothing.

Or watching for visiting birds. 

By the way, where have all the finches gone???  I had dozens of them at my feeder last month and now ... just a few stop in and visit.  What's up with that?

Okay, back to the patio to soak up some rays.

You know ...  we are suppose to get about 30 minutes of sun a day .... fills up our Vitamin D levels.  And it feels so good.  Especially with temps like today.

Although, I can't take too long relaxing.  We leave Monday for Porto and I haven't even begun packing.

Since we only to do carry on ...  I need more time to figure out what to take and what to leave behind.  You see, as a technie nerd, I end up taking more electronics than I do clothes!!  A girl can never have enough electronic toys, I say.  Why should men have all the fun?!

So as a result, my electronic bag ends up being almost as large as my clothes bag.

And speaking of bags .... I must confess, I have a bag addiction.  Not purses.  Not shoes.  Not jewelry.  Not clothes..... But bags.   All kinds of bags that can transport stuff.   I am always on the search for just the right bag with just the right number of pockets and space and texture and lightness ... oh my, how I could go on!

Bag companies should hire me to test out their products and do reviews.

I won't tell you how many bags I own.  The Professor reads this blog.  But I do own enough to start my own realty show, Bag Hoarders!

 In my defense, and I do need one, different occasions call for different bags and different sizes.  Just like purses.

Take my camera equipment for example.  There's a backpack for long-distance travel that can hold all my stuff plus more.  Then there's a mid-size bag for, let's say, spending time at the book store to do some work or time in the city.  And then, there's a small backpack for just a lens or two with the DSLR when you may be in a crowd or need to be light on your feet.

See?  All are necessary.  A girl just needs to be prepared!

Aren't you glad you stopped by today for this unpaid announcement for travel bags.

How about you?  What do you use to cart your stuff around in?

By the way, I didn't even go there with my *clothes* travel bags.  Like I said, The Professor reads this.

Later friends,


TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the laughs!!! i'm glad i'm not packing for a trip!

Sweet Lily said...

I'm now in the hospital to stop the laughs...

Anonymous said...

So totally agree with you on many different bags being necessary... As for taking lots of electronics along and not very many clothes? Perhaps you can just position yourself strategically behind your laptop and no one will notice you have no clothes on!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Everyone is so different. I have one handbag, one smallish camera bag (mid-size digital, not SLR) and then a larger shoulder bag which I can fit both my handbag and camera bag in together. That's it. We do have a bunch of small cheap bags/backpacks which all store away in our one suitcase for our family of 10.

Hope you managed to soak up that sunshine, I'll be looking for some today!

Catherine said...

I totally understand your plight to finding the 'perfect' bag. Indeed for me it is that ever elusive perfect sized purse. Well and then, you need the right color of course. I don't think men really get that. You are right. It's best not to let the 'better half' know how many we have. Purses and Camera Bags for me!! :)

Happy Weekend!
xo Catherine

Mental P Mama said...

LOL...our goldfinches always disappear around this time and come back with a vengeance around July 4th...weird. And I so feel your bag pain. Or is it back pain? Never mind. I am looking forward to our vicarious journey;)

Gypsy Heart said...

Hi, my name is Pat and I have a bag addiction. I really do! :-) Don't know what it is, I quit fretting about it and just go with it. I hope you have a fabulous trip ~ and find more "necessary" bags while you're gone!


Nancy said...

I hate to break up this bag party, but after I "retired," I don't have a bag for anything. I quit carrying a purse. Just take my wallet and my cell phone if I go anywhere. :)

Lisa Gordon said...

Trust me Reena, you are not alone! I have 3 camera bags also, and for the same reasons!! :-)
You have a safe and wonderful trip!!

Ruth said...

Haha, my best friend Inge is a bag person too. I LOVE seeing which ones she'll have with her. You are funny. I love them too. My favorite bag is a Victorian-type floral upholstery fabric without structure. I always take my pillow in it for overnights.

And hey!! I am toooo excited! Your Adirondacks are the same pattern as ours! My husband researched them to find the most comfortable pattern, and he found a couple of guys online who built like 25 different models, and this is the one they said was the most comfortable. So he ordered the plans, and we/he have made about a dozen of them. We have six, and we've made them for special friends (the bag lady for two). Did you make yours?

Gorgeous photos, as always. I am getting more jealous of your trip . . . I am certain you will be inspired, and you may have to buy another bag for what you buy there, no?

bon bon said...

what pretty pink geraniums! i love how the sun is peeking through the chairs in the second shot!

have a safe trip!

Daryl said...

Love the focus on those pix .. and bags .. ah bags .. the perfect one is always still out there isnt it ... and I totally understand because ToonMan reads my blogs ..

Marcie said...

Bags..oh yes - bags!!! Hope you're enjoying the weekend sunshine!

S. Etole said...

what a sunny spot to enjoy the spring day ...

Anonymous said...

Bag Hoarders... you're crackin me up! =)

I'd love love love to travel, but have no idea on the 'bag' situation... if it comes up, I'll be prepared now, tho! =)

Anonymous said...

PS I love the images of the flowers & adirondack chairs

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