Thursday, June 2, 2011


My irises have pretty much faded away.  June has arrived and with it ... summer.

I love summer.

As a kid, I would spend my days wandering the woods that surrounded our farm.  Sometimes on horseback, sometimes on foot.  Sometimes a cowgirl, sometimes a hunter.  But most times, just a curly headed little girl making up daily adventures.

By the way, have I mentioned that I was a bit chunky as a kid.  My parents used to call me "solid".

She's solid.  Such a solid kid.

Now what in the hell was that all about!  I was so proud of the fact that I was solid!



But I guess they were right.  Look at me!!!

Look at my waist!  And why oh why is my shirt tucked in!  What a chunk of love I was.  No wonder they called me solid!

That's my brother, Marty.  He so annoyed me growing up.  I remember when he would want to tag along with me in the woods, I would always make him walk ahead of me.  I figured if there were any snakes or such, they'd get him first!  What a loving big sister, I was .... not.

Oh, well, he's pretty much forgiven me.

Speaking of forgiving.  Have you been following the Casey Anthony trial.  What is wrong with that girl.  I have no forgiveness for the likes of her.  Just lock her up and throw away the key!

Well ... this "solid" woman better get on with her day and do her daily walk!

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Later, my friends ....


TexWisGirl said...

oh i was (and still am) solid! i had no waist as a kid. in kindergarten we had to do a skipping dance on the stage for a play or concert. we all had to wear white blouses and black skirts. i had to keep my hand on my waist the whole time to hold my skirt on as i had no waistline to do it for me. :)

Ruth said...

What a fun post, and beautiful. Your photos knock me out.

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

OmGosh.../you are too funny.

I feel pretty 'solid' once in a while still ;->

So sad that kids can no longer play in the woods. I spent half my childhood roaming through the woods with my best friend in tow. We had all our 'special' places where we would hide snacks and come back for them the next day.

Great post

janet xox

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I was described as this way too and I grew up never having my shirt tucked in because I was told not too--Even when I was 'less solid' I still didn't...

Unknown said...

Being called solid is a lot better than being called "bull fit." that's what a good friend of mine grew up hearing all the time.

Yeah about Casey Anthony. It just gets weirder.

Tracy said...

well, being solid is better than husky? Love the photo of you and your brother :)

About Casey Anthony; something about her just doesn't look's such a sad situation!

Kwizgiver said...

I adore your expression "chunk of love" and may have to appropriate it for my own purposes. :-)

Mary said...

Haha -- too funny. I was always the mopey one -- does anyone use that word anymore? Love the iris photo -- very pretty! :)

Barbara said...

Your irises are still beautiful - wonderful processing! I love the one of you and your brother, though. Nothing like those old b&w ones. I haven't been following the Casey trial. So sad.

Flea said...

I work with toddlers and preschoolers and I call the heavy ones solid. Heavens to mergatroid! What are they feeding kids these days?!?

Anonymous said...

I was skinny and always insecure about it. Now I'd take skinny any day! Love the car; it reminds me of my grandparent's car.


Catherine said...

It's summer? Really? I couldn't tell. :(

You were called 'solid'? I was called 'chubby'. Hmmm.... nothing like planting those seeds of a poor body image in a young girl's head!

Best childhood memory? Well drinking out of the garden hose of course!! LOL!

Sweet post Reena!
xo Catherine

Gail Dixon said...

Oh, how I love that old photo! I don't think you were chunky or solid but your post made me laugh. Thanks, I needed that!!

Unknown said...

LOL sweet story and I hearts a bit but we all have some traumas from childhood:) I love the old picture even your shirt is tucked in.
Have a great weekend you are so sweet:)

urban muser said...

i adore this post. love the old photo of you!

Margaret said...

Wonderful nostalgic photo along with hour hilarious memories! Gotta love the loving big sister "act" :) LOL

beth said...

our daughter was a solid girl growing up, too......

don't you wish the irises would last longer....they are so pretty !!!

happy weekend !!

Lisa Gordon said...

You make me smile Reena!! :-)
I am following the trial.
I am trying very hard to remain neutral until it's over, but I have to admit, it is nearly impossible. My heart breaks for Caylee.

Pat said...

What a charming post! The iris image is gorgeous work.