Friday, July 29, 2011

Backyard critter concerns

Rocky Squirrel:  Hey, listen up you squirrels!   I just overheard House Lady talking to those finches.  She's heading out of town!   Apparently,  she's got some other yahoos staying here and was showin' them how to fill the feeders and water all the plants.

Randy Squirrel:  WHAT!  Did I hear that right?  Did she mention us?  Nothing about us???

Sammy Jr. Squirrel:  Oh no, oh no, what will we do!!!  The FOOD will all run out.  We'll starve!

Darth Vader Squirrel:  Hey, I better eat as much as I can now ... who knows when we are gonna get any more food!!

Roxy Roxanne Squirrel:  (shouting)  Oh, for heaven's sakes!  Will you all just calm down!  There is a simple solution if they forget to feed us.  Taught to me by my grandmother a few summers back during that dry spell.  So watch and learn, boys, watch and learn!

Roxy Roxanne Squirrel:   It's very simple .... Take the corn like this ..... 

Roxy Roxane Squirrel:   Find a really good place .....

Roxy Roxanne Squirrel:  ..... where you can bury it!   Ta-da!

Darth Vader Squirrel:  Really!  We can do that?

Roxy Roxanne Squirrel:  Duh!  I thought they taught you this stuff at that fancy training school they sent you to.  Just flyin' around in the trees and no ground work??     Why they train only you boys, is beyond me.  YES!  YES!  You can carry the corn like that. 

Darth Vader Squirrel: Well I guess it is possible ....

Darth Vader Squirrel:  .... let me ponder on this a moment ...

Darth Vader Squirrel:  .... so you carry it like this, right?  Hey, that's not so hard!

Darth Vader Squirrel:  .... and this looks like a good spot!

Rocky Squirrel:  Well done gang!  Now that that's all done, I'm feeling much better.  

Darth Vader Squirrel:  Golly, that was exhausting!  I never had to do anything THAT strenuous in my training.  But at least now we have some stored away in case those yahoos don't feed us anything.

Carmen Chipmunk:  (who's been observing all the squirrel commotion)  Aha!  So THAT's what they mean when they say 'squirrel away' !     Mmmmmmmm........ Stupid squirrels.  Don't they know I'm also known as a ground squirrel!  Now I know where my new food source will be while House Lady is away!  Hehehehehe!

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