Thursday, July 7, 2011

Body Heat

Now that was one HOT movie.  Did you ever see it?  Takes place during a summer Florida heat wave with William Hurt and Kathleen Turner (both hotties).  There's lust, murder and suspense.  

And H.E.A.T!

Like ... today!

Even the critters are trying to cool off.  Without much success.  I offered to spray them down with a hose, but they weren't too keen on that idea!

So fine!  Lay out there on the hot ground, I say.  But if I begin to see any signs of lust, murder or suspense among you all, I'm hosing ya down!

P.S.  It was so unusual to catch these guys in these positions.  I just happened to look out my window and all three were laying flat on the ground.  The Catbirds seemed to be quite hot ... doing a lot of panting which I guess is normal when they overheat.  Rocky Squirrel ... who knows!  Perhaps the stone felt cool on his belly.